Sunday, March 11, 2012

Health Benefits of Stingray Meat

Stingray belongs to a family of bottom dwelling rays having a long, whip like tail bearing one or more serrated venomous spines. Stingray is also called stingaree. Although stingray belongs to protected specie in the Philippines, it is not listed in endangered category of marine species strictly prohibited by law for any commercial use and for other purposes. But just the same, fishermen were advised not to over-catch the stingray family in their fishing activities, otherwise they will be in endangered list soon enough.
Stingray meat has no exact food properties but it was said that it has 20% protein with a little of mercury which is usually found in marine species like tuna, salmon etc. Nevertheless, stingray meat offers a savory dish one cannot resist even those with discriminating taste buds.


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